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Win A Jack Pot – Play Da Vinci Diamonds

Win A Jack Pot – Play Da Vinci Diamonds

by TDC TeamFebruary 8, 2015

The popularity of Da Vinci Diamonds is mostly given by the unique bonuses and features in the game. If you are not familiar with slot games, you will most likely feel attracted by the detailed graphics. Everything is nicely designed, from the sparkling diamonds when they reach the bottom of the screen to the famous paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci. All in all, the appearance is not the most important thing in the world. Most people would rather play for the money and bonuses. Getting more lines with one spin or earning hundreds of free spins through a few bonuses can definitely give you some self confidence. The game is rich in free features, so these are the reasons for its huge popularity.

Vinci Diamond

Finding a Good Strategy

People get hooked in by such games when they see or hear about someone who has hit the jack pot. They begin learning tips and tricks, not to mention about books or magazines. They hope to find the secret of common patterns and increase their chances. The truth is that slot games give each player equal chances. You can play for hours in a row and wait for the luck to strike you without any successful results. On the other hand, you may hit the jack pot from your first attempt. There are so many myths and legends around slot games, yet most of them are fake. From this point of view, Da Vinci Diamonds makes no exception. If this is your day, you can walk away with some cash in your account.

Winning The Jackpot

Aside from the unique features, appearance and bonuses, each slot game has particular requirements for the jack pot. They may vary from one place or online casino to another. When it comes to Da Vinci Diamonds, earning the jack pot implies getting a round of free spins first. Fortunately, they are not too hard to get. Moreover, online casinos set up a specific limit for free spin bonuses. Some of them do not allow you to get more than a hundred bonuses, while others are limited at higher values. In order to get a free spin, you need three identical bonus symbols. Besides, the bonus will not just step in. You have to actually activate it.

The chance to win a jack pot steps in with free spins only. Most games give jack pots on the first spin only, but this is not a general rule. In order to get the money, you need five double diamond symbols. There must be one symbol for each pay line. There might be slight differences in this rule, so double check the instructions and rules before spending your money.


In the end, Da Vinci Diamonds is definitely one of the slot games with the highest winning rate and there is a good possibility to Win jackpots while playing da vinci diamonds. You have free spins, plenty of bonuses and a relatively sophisticated, yet achievable jack pot. With all these, it depends on how lucky you are. If the luck does not strike you at the right time, you may play this game for days without earning anything. Most importantly, the wide variety of benefits is convincing enough for every aspirant, whether you are an amateur or a professional player. Other than that, you must not depend on the money you are about to play with.

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