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How To Root HTC One and Install ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP

How To Root HTC One and Install ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP

by TDC TeamJuly 2, 2016

HTC One (M7) is the first flagship smartphone from HTC launched in the year 2013. The smartphone comes to market to competed with other flagship smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and Apple iPhone 5. HTC one comes with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box which can be updated to latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

This stylish HTC One is now available in market and if you already bought it then the next thing you like to do is, root it and install a custom recovery such as CWM recovery v6.0.3.2 or TWRP v2.6.0.1. Once you root it and install a custom recovery on your HTC one, you can then flash various custom ROM that carry lot more features than stock ROM, you can also overclock or underclock HTC One to get more benefits. Root itself is an essential element for many since it allow you to install various apps to enjoy your smartphone full.

Read the whole tutorial first and proceed to practical experiment only if you understand the risk. Neither us nor the developers will be responsible if you brick your device.

Just like most HTC manufactured Android smartphone, you first need to unlock your device using official site HTCDev.Com. Here are quick steps that shared by XDA senior member torxx. All credits goes to him.

Make sure debugging mode is enabled on HTC One and your computer have the HTC One driver installed.

How To Unlock HTC One Using HTCDev.Com

  1. Go on and create yourself an account on HTCDEV if you don’t have it already.
  2. Download these adb/fastboot files and then create a new folder on your C:/ drive called fastboot for example. Once done extract the zip that you downloaded earlier to the new folder.
  3. Go Here and select “All Other Supported Models” and “then begin unlock bootloader”
  4. Yes, Tick both Boxes and Proceed.
  5. Skip up to step 8 as we have all we need for the first 7 steps.
  6. Power off your phone by holding the power button down for 10 seconds then power your phone on by holding Power and Volume Down.
  7. Highlight Fastboot With Volume + or – then press Power to select it.
  8. Plug your phone into your PC and open a Command Prompt. [press Start+R and then type CMD before hitting enter]
  9. Change directory to your folder where we put fastboot files which is cd c:\fastboot
  10. Now type: fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  11. Select & copy the text as per step 9 on the HTCDev website.
  12. Paste your identifier token into the box at the bottom and submit.
  13. You Will Very Shortly Receive an email from HTCDev with a link to the second part of the instructions and your “Unlock_code.bin” attached.
  14. Download the “Unlock_code.bin” from the email and save it to the same folder that we extracted fastboot files to in step 2.
  15. Type this into your command prompt window: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  16. The display will change on your phone, press Volume + to accept and power to confirm.

So, we now have an unlocked HTC One smartphone. Before we proceed to root HTC One, we first need to install a custom recovery on it. In this tutorial I have added both CWM Recovery (Touch) and TWRP recovery download link. Choose the recovery that you prefer, both work for us.

How To Install CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery on HTC One

  1. Install Android SDK
  2. Download CWM Recovery v6.0.3.2 or TWRP v2.6.0.1
  3. Assuming you are using Fastboot folder where you copied fastboot.exe that we mentioned in above tutorial. copy the recovery file on that Fastboot folder. If you using Android SDK then copy the file to platform-tools folder.
  4. Rename the downloaded file to recovery.img.
  5. Now open a Command Prompt. To do so, press Start+R and then type CMD before pressing Enter.
  6. After this you require to navigate to the folder where the Recovery File is located. You can also open a Command Prompt with shift and right click at the correct directory.
  7. Now Type: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

That’s it! You now have installed your choice of recovery in your HTC One. Now, it going to be easy for us to root HTC One. All you need to do, follow the below mentioned steps.

How To Root HTC One

Root can be done using either SuperSU by Chainfire or SuperUser by koush. Choice is yours; we added both link for you.

  1. Download SuperSU or Download SuperUser
  2. Connect your HTC one to computer and then copy the downloaded zip file to your HTC One SD card (internal or external).
  3. Now disconnect your phone and turn off it. After that press and hold Volume Down and Power button together to boot into the Bootloader.
  4. Highlight Recovery With Volume + or – then press Power to select it.
  5. Select install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from sdcard. Now, locate the SuperSU/SuperUser zip file that you copied earlier in Step 2 and select it by pressing Power button. Confirm installation by selecting Yes – Install on the next screen. The rotting process will start.
  6. When done, go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot system now to reboot the HTC One.

So, we comes to the end of this tutorial. You should now have an unlocked, rooted HTC One with custom recovery (either ClockworkMod recovery or TWRP recovery) installed. It’s time to try out few best ROMs for HTC one or useful MODs.

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