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Pokemon Go : How to Fix Game Crashing and Battery Draining Issue

Pokemon Go : How to Fix Game Crashing and Battery Draining Issue

by TDC TeamJuly 14, 2016

Pokemon Go, which is the next big sensation already in Android game is still is the beta stage. There are several issues that users are facing while playing Pokemon Go. We in-fact found some issues/error in Pokemon Go and were able to find a fix/solution.

If you are using and enjoying Pokemon Go in non-supported nation (Eg. Pokemon Go is still not available officially in India) then the chances of getting issues are more.

The two most common issue in Pokemon Go are :

  • Battery Draining while playing Pokemon Go.
  • Game Crashing abruptly while playing Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go Error

Battery Draining Issue while Playing Pokemon Go

If you are playing Pokemon Go and have observed battery draining issue on your android smartphone, then you need to follow below steps :

  • Click on the Pokemon Ball icon that appears in middle of screen towards bottom.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tick against the option for “Battery Saver” and it will help you save battery.
  • Also, if the game is installed on your micro-SD card then it will consume more battery.
  • So installing Pokemon Go on Phone memory directly helps save battery.

Pokemon Go Crashing while Playing and Capturing Pokemon

We often observe the game getting hang or crashed after we throw pokeball and capture a pokemon. This sometimes leads to Pokemon Go crashing in between. Here are the steps to follow :

  • If the screen gets hanged after you capture a pokemon, just wait for the game to come back in active state.
  • This is a latency due to new pokemon being registered on server.
  • Return to Home screen of your device if the screen hangs for more than 5 minutes and restart the game.

If you are still facing an issue, let us know or you may even directly report to Pokemon Go also.

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