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Pokemon Go : How to Evolve and Train Your Pokemon

Pokemon Go : How to Evolve and Train Your Pokemon

by TDC TeamJuly 15, 2016

Pokemon Go is the most talked thing in Android gaming industry. You might have already started with capturing new Pokemon species within Pokemon Go. However, we found that most of the people are not playing Pokemon Go in right manner. The most followed mistake are:

  • People are not capturing same Pokemon twice thinking that it is not needed.
  • People not aware about training and evolving Pokemon.

So here is a quick guide about How to Evolve and Train Your Pokemon in Pokemon Go game.

Developing a Pokemon is necessary for making them strong. This will be needed to fight with rival trainers in the pokemon gym around your area.

  • Every Pokemon has a CP value. CP stands for Combat Power. This is a measure of the power of your Pokemon and depicts its strong-ness.
    Eg. If a Pikachu of CP 91 goes against Pikachu of CP 50 then the later will lose.
  • When you get a Pokemon for second time, capturing it gives you some candies for the specific pokemon.
  • When you reach a specific threshold of candies, you can evolve your pokemon. Eg. Pikachu will become Raichu and so forth.

Pokemon Go Doduo


This is the way that we evolve and train Pokemon easily. If you need more tutorials, comment below.

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