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Poke Radar App : Find Pokemon Nearby – Download APK

Poke Radar App : Find Pokemon Nearby – Download APK

by TDC TeamAugust 13, 2016

Pokemon Go game have already grabbed attention of entire world. It has already surpassed all records of Mobile Gaming. Without even being launched in heavy user-base countries such as India, the game is a must play. However, the game also brings out many problem for users.
One of the biggest problem is catching Pokemon easily. And moreover, finding new Pokemon everytime is a very tough task. Having said that, there is an application called Poke Radar which is making it easu for users to get those Pokemon.
Poke Radar provides location of new Pokemons on Google Map based layout. All Pokemon Go user needs to do is install this app. Keep an eye on the locations provided by Poke Radar, move to the same location and grab Pokemon easily.
However, one must have Android device with atleast 2 GB RAM so that both apps can run simultaneously and users can switch between them.
If you want to give Poke Radar App a try, you can download it from here : Download Poke Radar APK

Poke Radar App Download APK

If you face any issues while using Poke Radar app or want our team to help, let us know.

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