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Moto G4 Plus – In-Depth, Hands On Review and Analysis

Moto G4 Plus – In-Depth, Hands On Review and Analysis

by TDC TeamJuly 8, 2016

Ever since the launch of Moto Series, things appear to be going in right direction for Motorola. While other smartphone manufacturers are busy with flooding the market with new devices, Motorola have kept their mobile stack limited.

However, this is not at all preventing them from capturing market as they are regularly coming up with newer generation devices in same series. Following the same trend, Moto G4 Plus was announced in May 2016. This is the fourth-generation device in Moto G Series.

We recently received the review unit of Moto G4 Plus at TDC Lab and the phone appears to be a promising device.

Moto G fourth generation comes in two version i.e. Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. G4 is the base model while G4 Plus is same in looks, but have some extra features. The review carried out here is for Moto G4 Plus though most of the factors apply for base model also.

The first very primitive feature in Moto G4 Plus which makes it different from Moto G3 is the fingerprint sensor available at the front. The sensor is effective enough in terms of its accuracy. Its positioning at bottom makes it suitable to be used for fingerprint based lock and even for sensor based authentications.

Moto G4 Plus Fingerprint Sensor

In terms of physical device design, Moto G4 Plus appears to be similar to Moto G3. Though the design elements are similar, there are changes which makes the device look even better. The back-panel in different from predecessor and appears to be more neat. The device is available in two colors variants i.e. Black and White. But the later appear better.

Moto G4 Plus White Back Panel

Behind the back panel of Moto G4 Plus are three slots with two for SIM card and last for microSD card. Motorola managed to keep all three slots different unlike other brands going for a hybrid second SIM slot which can also be used for microSD card. However, Motorola again seem to have kept non-removable battery. A lot of speculations expected this to be a removable battery but isn’t the case.

Moto G4 Plus SIM slot

The screen size this time is 5.5 inch and is bigger than older version. Though the device is a phablet size device but iis very comfortable to be held in hand. With a weight of mere 155 grams and dimensions of 6.02 x 3.02 x 0.39 in, the device is totally comfortable to operate with round corners.

The display has been enhanced from 720p in last series (Moto G3) to a whooping 1920 x 1080 pixels along with a pixel density of 401 ppi.

The camera of 16 megapixel at back and 5 megapixel in front offers quality photographs with decent contrast ratio. Both the cameras are capable of capturing 1080p full HD videos.

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