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Moto G No SIM Card Error : How to Fix SIM not Recognised Error

Moto G No SIM Card Error : How to Fix SIM not Recognised Error

by TDC TeamJune 22, 2016

Moto G users have lately started facing a strange issue that it stop recognising the SIM card in first slot. This mostly happen after the latest android patch was installed. This is not a very big problem is related to the ability of switching amongst sim on a dual-SIM device.

If you are facing Moto G No SIM Card issue, then the steps you need to follow are :

  • First of switch off your Moto G after upgrade and restart it. In 40% of the scenarios, the cache issue is resolved and SIM will be recognised.
  • If the issue still persist, open the back-cover/ flip-cover of your Moto G. Remove the SIM inserted and re-insert it. Check if the SIM is recognised.
  • Navigate to Settings >>Dual SIM Settings.
  • Touch the option SIM 1 to disable it. Once disabled, re-enable it and SIM will work.

How to Troubleshoot for next Level on Moto G

If the Moto G No SIM Card issue still exists, here are some steps you can follow to narrow down the problem.

  • Try a different SIM in your Moto G (borrow from someone if possible).
  • Try your SIM in a different device to ensure that SIM itself isn’t dead.
  • Get in touch with Mobile Operator customer care to troubleshoot sim related issue.
  • If needed, contact Moto Support on official website.

In most of the scenario, the problem was resolved. However, if it still persist, you may wish to contact our team for the same for assistance.

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