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LG L70 Hard Reset : How to do Factory Reset

LG L70 Hard Reset : How to do Factory Reset

by TDC TeamJune 29, 2016

LG L70 is one of the prominent device under LG’s L Series of Android based devices. A week back, I started getting “LG L70 Dual DemiGod Crash Handler” or the purple screen on switch on. This DBI Err Fatal Repair wasn’t appearing easy to be solved and I almost assumed that device got bricked. This was a client device made available for the error fix at TDC Laboratory.

Asking Customer Care representative from LG over phone call, I was asked to hard-reset LG L70 to see if the problem gets resolved. Here are the steps to be followed for hard reset:

LG L70 Dual : Steps for Hard Reset

  • If your LG L70 device is on (i.e. the Home screen is appearing), navigate to SettingsBackup & Reset.
  • Click on Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone.
  • Choose Delete All option on next screen.
  • Wait for sometime for phone to reset and restart again.

This should reset and start your LG L70 freshly.

LG L70 Dual : Button Combination for Hard Reset

If your device is not hard-reset or if it is not turning-on, here is button method for hard reset:

  • Keep on LG L70 Dual in turn-off state.
  • Now long press Volume Down and Power button combination and keep pressing until LG logo appears.
  • Once Logo appears, let go Power Key and keep pressing Volume Down.
  • The Factory Reset menu now appears.
  • Now choose appropriate steps to reset.

Wasn’t that simple? Hope you find these steps to hard reset LG L70 Dual useful. We are also assisting LG Mobile users with their issues at TDC Lab in Noida.

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