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Learn Android : How to Become Android Master Easily

Learn Android : How to Become Android Master Easily

by TDC TeamDecember 15, 2012

Learn Android without any extra-effort! Yes, this is no more a dream for layman. I received many mails and messages where people asked me to teach them Android. They were even ready to pay huge amount for the same. This is nothing to be amazed about because the popularity which Android has gained in recent times has made it mandatory to learn it to be in the trend.

learn android

Learn Android is our endeavor towards the same and here we will bring you a resource which is definitely going to work because I myself have tested it.

Learn Android : The Online Course

Learn Android is a video based course which comprises of 11 Lessons plus one bonus lessons making it 12 in total. The lesson titles are:

  1. Getting Comfortable with Android
  2. Customizing The Home Screen
  3. Connect to WIFI / Bluetooth
  4. Installing Apps Google Play
  5. Set Alarm and Password Protect
  6. Sharing Pictures
  7. Calendar Appointments
  8. Maximize Battery Life
  9. Block Unwanted Callers
  10. Price Compare Shopping
  11. Cloud Storage (Dropbox)
  12. Corporate Email Setup [BONUS LESSON]

This complete course is something which when taught to you by some private tutor or some institute, they may charge as high as $100-$180 per hour. This is really true because there are only a few Android Programmers who are available to teach the prelims.

Watch this Learn Android Video from Google:

Everyday more than 0.13 million people try their hands on activating Android Phones. Those who switch over from other Mobile OS finds it really tough to use it. This video tutorial Learn Android will cost you less than $40 and comes with a money-back policy of 60 days. This means that you are really secure as 60 days is more than what anyone else could offer you. And, what better.. You can buy it using any card which you possess.
Now donot wait and watch, be an Android Master like us with Learn Android 🙂


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