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How to Root LG L70 Dual D315

How to Root LG L70 Dual D315

by TDC TeamFebruary 6, 2016

LG L70 Dual is one of the known entry from LG in the mid-segment of Android devices. Codenamed D315 and powered by Android KitKat with a superb dual-SIM support, LG L70 Dual is getting a very good response in market. It has only been around 2 months that LG L70 Dual D315 has been into market. And here we are with the ultimate guide to root LG L70 Dual D315 easily with the help of PC.

The profit of rooting LG L70 Dual D315 are almost infinite. Rooting is like getting administrator level on your LG L70 Dual D315 and you will enjoy the complete power of your Android device. Rooting is also necessary to upgrade device to one of the latest version of Android. Rooting also allows you to install custom Apps and increased internal memory of the device.

In order to root LG L70 Dual D315, you need to follow the simple steps as mentioned below.

Root LG Optimus L70

Disclaimer : The Root Guide is taken up from a very reliable developer. We have tested and tried this before posting it here. However, we always recommend users to follow each and every step with extra care as any false step could lead to damaged devices and bricking.

The warranty of you device voids after rooting, hence we recommend users to proceed at their own risk as neither us nor developer can be held responsible for mishap.

Before you Root LG L70 Dual D315

Before rooting LG L70 Dual D315, there are some pre-requisite steps which we recommend. These can be treated as safety measures to ensure that you have everything as prescribed.

  • This rooting guide is written exclusively for LG L70 Dual D315  model. Do not follow them on any other device. If you are not sure about the version of your device, check at Settings > About Phone.
  • Ensure that your LG L70 Dual D315 is atleast 80% charged as rooting requires extensive battery power.
  • Backup SMS, Call-logs, Contacts.
  • Close all the Applications running on your device.
  • Enable USB debugging on your LG L70 Dual D315 (The option is available in Settings>>Developers Option).

LG L70 Dual D315 : Files to be Downloaded

Download below mentioned files on your PC or Laptop.

LG L70 Dual D315 : Final Steps to Root 

  1. The very first step involves changing the format of external SD card to ext2. This is required so that it do not gets corrupted while the root is in progress. We recommend that the format is changed to ext2, however if it does not work, ty ext4 format as well.
  2. Use the MiniTool Partition Wizard tool downloaded above to change SD card into ext2 format. Connect your LG L70 Dual D315 to PC with USB cable and put it in storage mode.
  3. Once the SD card appears, right click on it and un-check the ‘mount volume in read-only mode’ and then click ‘automatically mount via Ext2Mgr’. Click Apply once done.
  4. Now use Ext2Fsd tool to mount the ext2 partition to Windows 7.
  5.  Now copy downloaded above to your external SD card and plug it out.
  6. Install LG drivers on your PC if required.
  7. Install ADB on you PC as it is required to root LG L70. ADB comes with Android SDK as well, but you can download it from link mentioned above as well.
  8. Connect your LG L70 Dual D315 to PC with USB cable and device will ask about USB debugging, click Yes.
  9. Go to folder where ADB is installed and open Command Prompt there with admin level access.
  10. Type below command in the command prompt:
    ADB Devices
  11. The list of all connected devices will appear. Select you LG L70 Dual D315 there.
  12. Now type ADB SHELL and click Enter.
  13. Next type reboot recovery and click enter.
  14. Now your LG L70 Dual D315 will boot in stock recovery.
  15. Unplug the device and insert external SD card now.
  16. Now use ‘Volume up/down button’ to scroll and power button to choose an option.
  17. Select ‘apply update from external SD card; and click on file.
  18. It will show that update is now complete in 5-10 minutes.
  19. Choose ‘reboot system now’.

With this you have successfully rooted your LG L70 Dual D315 on your own. If you face any problem, feel free to ask us.

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