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HDR in CyanogenMod : Now Click HD Photos

HDR in CyanogenMod : Now Click HD Photos

by TDC TeamFebruary 23, 2015

CyanogenMod as we all know is an Open-source firmware  based on Android for smart phones and tablets. HDR is High Dynamic Range  and it is related to photography. While we try to explain both CyanogenMod and HDR, we would like to tell you that HDR in CyanogenMod based Firmware is introduced.

CyanogenMod HDR
If you are someone who have a high-end mobile with Android and love photgraphy then its a pure blessing. now you cna click amazing photos if you are using CyanogenMod Firmware becuase HDR technology has been introduced in the firmware.

In the likes of Android, the High Dynamic Range or simply HDR was available only with few devices including Nexus 4. This now could be added to many other devices, all you need to do is go for a CyanogenMod based Custom upgrade.

The firmware version you need to get is CyanogenMod 10.1 Build. In HDR technology, the Camera takes three clicks at a time. The first one is a simple neutral exposed, while other two are under exposed and over exposed. Then the three of thema re processed and combined into a single image which is of much better quality. The clarity of image is also enhanced using HDR.

The HDR functionality has been internally introduced in CyanogenMod Camera App and one could sue it with any device. Also its worth mentioning that the HDR also comes in Stock Android of nexus 4. so you need not upgrade , if you have Nexus 4.

HDR in CyanogenMod : Our Take

While it looks like a good addition to CyanogenMod, still issues would be there. Suppose I have two devices both having HDR under CyanogenMod, then I cannot expect same quality with both of them. This is because the Camera quality also matter. Also the processor’s speed would matter a lot as clicking three pictures at a time is a big deal. So if you have 8 Megapixel or more in you Android Smartphone. Go for it.

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