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August 13, 2016

Poke Radar App : Find Pokemon Nearby – Download APK

Pokemon Go game have already grabbed attention of entire world. It has already surpassed all records of Mobile Gaming. Without even being launched in heavy user-base countries such as India, the game is a must play. However, the game also brings out many problem for users. One of the biggest problem is catching Pokemon easily. And moreover, finding new Pokemon everytime is a very tough task. Having said that, there is an application called Poke Radar which is making it easu for users to get those Pokemon. Poke Radar provides location of new Pokemons on Google Map based layout. All Pokemon Go user needs to do is install this app. Keep an eye on the locations provided by Poke Radar, [...]

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July 15, 2016

Pokemon Go : How to Evolve and Train Your Pokemon

Pokemon Go is the most talked thing in Android gaming industry. You might have already started with capturing new Pokemon species within Pokemon Go. However, we found that most of the people are not playing Pokemon Go in right manner. The most followed mistake are:

People are not capturing same Pokemon twice thinking that it is not needed. People not aware about training and evolving Pokemon.

So here is a quick guide about How to Evolve and Train Your Pokemon in Pokemon Go game.

Developing a Pokemon is necessary for making them strong. This will be needed to fight with rival trainers in the pokemon gym around your area.

Every Pokemon has a CP value. CP stands for [...]
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July 14, 2016

Pokemon Go : How to Fix Game Crashing and Battery Draining Issue

Pokemon Go, which is the next big sensation already in Android game is still is the beta stage. There are several issues that users are facing while playing Pokemon Go. We in-fact found some issues/error in Pokemon Go and were able to find a fix/solution.

If you are using and enjoying Pokemon Go in non-supported nation (Eg. Pokemon Go is still not available officially in India) then the chances of getting issues are more.

The two most common issue in Pokemon Go are :

Battery Draining while playing Pokemon Go. Game Crashing abruptly while playing Pokemon Go.


Battery Draining Issue while [...]
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July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go : How to Fix “GPS Signal not Found” Error

If you are an Android device user and have not heard about Pokemon Go, then you are an alien for sure (pun, intended). Pokemon Go have already crossed biggies including Twitter in terms of active users on Android. However, a lot of users (specially from Indian sub-continent) have reported that they are getting GPS Signal not found error when trying to play Pokemon Go. So if you want to resolve this issue called GPS signal not found, then you are at the right place.

We at TDC Labs in India resolved this issue GPS signal not found for Pokemon Go players on two devices namely Samsung Galaxy S5 and One Plus Three (running Oxygen ROM). This error occur because most of the modern [...]

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