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Facebook Phone is Rumors – Android Homescreen Coming Soon!

Facebook Phone is Rumors – Android Homescreen Coming Soon!

by TDC TeamApril 3, 2015

Facebook Phone has been in the rumors for a while now. There are many speculations about Facebook phone. Many of the sources online have also posted the images of Facebook phone. Here is what one of the image spread online looks like:


Facebook Phone : The Real Truth

According to Wall Street Journal, the expected announcement from Facebook is more related to the user interface experience. While it has nothing to do with the prediction of actual facebook device. Facebook officials said that they are working on home screen experience. HTC Myst from the Taiwanese manufacturer would be first device from partner.

Here is what the new is all about

Facebook is developing a new software for Android based devices. Under this, content from users’ Facebook account will be displayed on smartphone’s screen on the very first screen visible. There is nothing like Facebook phone.

Facebook will first work on this interface on HTC based devices and there is no plan for Facebook phone yet. For those who believe in facts, Facebook have over 650 million users on mobile. They took over snaptu and formed the Facebook mobile app. And now, they are working on the tweak to get it a step further.

Taking their interface directly on the homescreen will definitely increase the chance of noticing. With HTC, they’ve already taken up Facebook based interface on HTC Chacha. That wasn’t a grand success, yet it marked beginning of the Facebook based devices. And, what next is a step further.

The popularity of Android smartphones is not hidden from anyone. While there are many reason behind it. Facebook integration has also been a reason for the same (though not so big reason). This is what we think about the Android and Facebook integration. What do you think about the same? We would love to hear from you.

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