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Is Email Communication Dead ? Flock Messenger Integrates Mailing Lists

Is Email Communication Dead ? Flock Messenger Integrates Mailing Lists

by TDC TeamOctober 27, 2016

In a move that is bound to radicalise the team messaging space, Flock, one of the best team messenger, launches Mailcast, an app that integrates mailing list functionality directly into Flock. With Mailcast, every group created on Flock is automatically converted to an email list, making group mailing convenient and hassle-free.

Mailcast’s mailing list capabilities in a team messenger is an industry first. This makes Flock the first and only team messaging app to provide this functionality to its users.

The Mailcast app in Flock creates a unique and permanent email address for every group. So if a user has a project group, say Project Zephyr, with 20 members in it, Mailcast will create a unique email id for it ‘’. Users can send an email to the entire group by simply pasting the auto-generated mail address into their email client. Mailcast makes maintaining mailing lists obsolete, as any changes to a Flock group are automatically reflected in the email list associated with the group. If users are added to or removed from a Flock group, Mailcast automatically updates the group’s mailing list. Mailcast also enables Flock users to easily send important memos or project update emails with just a click, without having to remember and type numerous email addresses.

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of Flock stated,

“Most business messengers, in their quest of creating differentiation have exaggerated the death of email. While team messaging apps like Flock are designed for synchronous communication and collaboration, email is still as pertinent as ever, and certain communications are still relevant on emails.”

“Flock is the first and only team messaging app to provide mailing list functionality within a team messenger. Flock is fast becoming the hub of all communication and collaboration, and we’re always looking to add functionality that make team communication faster and more effective”, he added.

Additionally, Flock has added a host of external apps to it’s App store including some of the more popular ones like Asana, Zendesk, New Relic and Runscope. Flock already boasts of a large number of app integrations such as Github, Trello, Twitter, Mailchimp and plenty more.



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