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Best Earbuds for Android Phones – The Complete Guide

Best Earbuds for Android Phones – The Complete Guide

by TDC TeamNovember 18, 2016


Best eArbud Android

If you own an Android Smartphone, then choosing the best earbuds for the type of operating system is quite crucial. The aim is to always end up with a great model that works great for your phone. A simple Goggle search of the best earbuds under 50 for Android phones would always result in many options. We get to look at some few top models that you could use today for listening to music from your phone.

Honstek In-Ear Earbud Headphones X6

The common feature people would want in earbuds is the comfort level to be amazing. Well, that is what you get when opting to choose this model. The soft silicone earbuds are designed to ensure that you get impressive comfort levels and also helps with noise isolation. You can choose from three different sizes of eartips. They include small, medium and large sizes.

honsec android earbud review

With a wide frequency response, it should be easy for you to end up with dynamic clear sound each time. Most people agree that this model delivers a great listening experience each time they get to use it. With the built in mic and remote control, making hands-free calls should not be a problem.

You will love the type of compatibility you get with the model. It can easily be used on different media devices so long as they have a 3.5 mm audio jack. You should be in a position to enjoy listening to tracks from various sources. You still get a 6-month guarantee on the headsets. It is not always that you can get such type of assurance from earbuds.


  • Comfortable eartips
  • Clear sound
  • Comes with a built-in mic control
  • Strong cord


  • The sound quality could be improved

LUXEAR Earphones with Mic, Luxear 3.5 mm Stereo Earbuds


From the design, it is easy to see how the earbuds could easily pass as stylish and likeable by many people. The metallic touch often makes people to like it even more. The metallic look is not just for looks, but also great for durability. You simply get to choose the best eartips depending on the comfort level you would be expecting. You can choose the small, medium or large size. The manufacturer still supplies you with an additional carrying pouch with the earbuds.

luxear headphone

Skipping tracking, and answering or ending calls should be easy with the model. It can easily work with different types of Android phones to ensure that you have an easy time operating the phone from just the earbuds. The manufacturer still designed the earbuds to deliver high quality sound and noise isolation capability for a great sound experience.

The wide frequency response capability is a way of making sure that you get an impressive listening experience. All that great sound is thanks to the high purity copper used in making the speakers. It is purity is rated at 99.9 percent, which ensures that you get high fidelity music.


  • Ultra-soft earbuds
  • Stylish earbuds
  • Easy to use


  • Noise isolation is not perfect

TechRise Wired Stereo In-ear headset Earbuds with Mic

The model comes with high performance speakers you would need to ensure that no sound distortions even at extended frequency range. The model still comes with noise isolating ear tips important for eliminating any ambient noise that might arise whenever outdoors. The 11.5 mm Neodymium drivers are crucial for delivering a clear bass sound most people like.

techrise wired earphone

The model is still comfortable and ergonomic thanks to its design. It will not easily fall out the ears even when walking around. Weighing at 15 g, it should be among some of the lightweight models around. Thanks to its in-ear design, it can easily be used for activities such as hiking, jogging and cycling.

Not many earbuds can easily beat the issue of tangling of the cables. Since it is designed to be tangle free, it is expected that many people would love to get it today. As a great additional feature, the product is still durable with an attractive design.


  • Deep bass sound
  • High compatibility
  • In-ear design for secure fit
  • Tangle free


  • The mids could be improved

Funsget Earphones Headphones with Microphone

As much as we are looking at the best earbuds for Android phones, this model still works great for iPhones too. That is a great thing as it shows that the model has a great compatibility. It should for sure work great for many people who may want to use their earbuds on different types of devices.

fungset earphone

Whenever you get to use it to take calls, the caller would always hear a clear sound thanks to the great mic incorporated in the model.


  • High compatibility
  • Nice fit
  • Clear talking with the mic


  • Made of cheap material

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-K

You would end up enjoying the ultimate style and comfort whenever you choose this model of earbuds. It comes from the life of ErgoFit earphones all known for their comfort. You would end up with a custom fit that ensures that the earbuds do not easily fall out. You still get a nine vivid color option. You will simply have to choose the best color that works for you.

panasonic headphone


  • Comfortable
  • Clear sound
  • Noise isolation


  • Styling could further be improved


As you can see, the best earbuds for Android phones are quite cheap. It is the reason you would see many people going for them. It is not just about the cost, but also the sound quality you get with the models. You would also end up with a great model that delivers on functionality such as the mic and remote for various functions.

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