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A Note for Small Businesses – Thedroidcity Special

A Note for Small Businesses – Thedroidcity Special

by TDC TeamMarch 30, 2015

The business world is much different today than it was 20 years ago. Obviously, the more time goes by, the more things are altered, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. In our current economic climate, the business world is dominated by small businesses looking to turn into big businesses. There is nothing wrong with that, but for this transformation to occur, many steps need to be taken. For new small businesses to reach their greatest potential and earn the largest income, they need to save when they can. They need to maximize their profits by spending when they should and saving wherever possible.

What are some ways smaller companies can save money? One way smaller companies can watch their money is to cut out unnecessary expenses. That could mean eliminating money from the advertising budget or other areas that aren’t as important for the growth of business. Small business VoIP is another way for smaller companies to save their money. This process can help eliminate unnecessary money from their expense log.

How does this Process Work?

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is a relatively new service that was developed to make communication within a company easier. Created in 2004 to work with broadband Internet access and usually involved a flat-rate monthly fee, the service allowed inbound and outbound calls to be made, much like it would with public switched telephone network. The newer services work almost the same as they did when originally created, but in a more advanced way. It allows companies to put all their important information over a secure Internet connection, essentially giving your company a secure line to talk about everything that is important. The service also allows companies to rout phone calls over their existing communication methods, eliminating the need to add separate networks. It also allows them to complete multiple phone calls over their current connection.

How does it Save Money?

Cost-cutting measures are important for small business and this is a process that will allow companies to save in several ways. The biggest way this will save money is by eliminating the need for businesses to reimburse employees for travel expenses. If a small business has employees outside of their immediate area and want to hold face-to-face meetings on a regular basis, gas receipts, hotel bookings and food expenses would usually need to be covered. With VoIP services, those expenses are eliminated. Businesses can hold these meetings over an Internet service, which is similar to what Skype has done. It also eliminates the need for expensive telephone systems that used to be a must-have tool for small businesses. With a VoIP system in place, basic phones can easily do the job that these several hundred dollar network phone systems used to do. When it comes to doing international business, the VoIP service will still cost money, but think about the amount of money international calling usually costs. Different services offer different rates, but for the most part, the cost is drastically smaller than using landline phone companies.

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